EOI Exam Power Pack (Basic Cycle)



Welcome to the New English File EOI Exam Power Pack CD-ROM (Basic Cycle) – a complete and flexible teacher resource for practising and testing for the official EOI Basic Cycle exams.
This CD works in two ways:
In your computer it has exams and practice materials as PDFs, including full answer keys and listening scripts.
In your CD player it has new listening test material to use in class.

The EOI Exams

The exams on this CD-ROM are designed to provide you with a bank of testing materials based on the task types included in the EOI exams from the different autonomous communities. Each exam is cross-referenced with New English File so you can tie-in your testing with the EOI topic areas covered in the Elementary and Pre-intermediate Student's Books. In order to make this material as flexible as possible, the exams are divided into the EOI skills areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Each skills exam is then divided into different parts and provided as separate PDFs. Each PDF covers a specific exam task type, e.g. Listening Exam 1 – Part 1 is matching extracts to sentences, and Listening Exam 1 – Part 2 is multiple choice. Therefore, you can choose to do all the parts of a single skills exam, or select the part most appropriate to the EOI exam in your autonomous community. In addition, listening exams using DVD material are also provided. These can be used as specific EOI exam practice, or as a means of adding extra varied and motivating listening practice to your classes.

Topic Summary

The Topic Summary sheet provides you with an overview of all the exam material contained in this CD-ROM. It lists the EOI topics covered in each part of the 14 Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and DVD exams. By referring to this summary you can select the part of a particular exam which best matches the topic you have just covered in New English File Elementary or Pre-intermediate Student's Books. Alternatively, you may choose to use several parts of several different exams each covering a specific EOI topic, or provide students with an exam which includes a variety of EOI topics.

Practice Material

There is a total of 28 Practice Material PDFs included on this CD-ROM – seven for each of the EOI exam skills areas of listening, speaking, writing and reading. Each Practice Material PDF focuses on one exam task type, e.g. Listening – multiple choice, and gives students a step-by-step guide on how to approach that exam task. The material is also cross-referenced with the exams on this CD-ROM so you can practise a specific exam task prior to giving your students a similar EOI exam. Alternatively, you may choose to use the Practice Material as remedial work following the completion of the linked EOI exam in this pack.

Topic Summary

Practice Material

Reading Practice

Writing Practice

Speaking Practice

Listening Practice

Practice Material Answer Key

Reading Exams

Reading Exam 1

Writing Exams

Writing Exam 1

Speaking Exams

Speaking Exam 1

Listening Exams

Listening Exam 1

DVD Exams

DVD Exam 1